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  • How to become the project participant?

    For participation in the project it is necessary to be registered. For this purpose you shall fill in the registration form. It is necessary to type user name, password, e-mail. Having been registered you will be able to login to your personal account, fill up your account balance, and a make the deposit. Also don't forget to type its payment details in appropriate section of personal area.

  • What electronic payment processors are approves by the project? You can open the Bitcoin account:

  • May I change the password, e-wallet and e-mail?

    Change of the password can be made in the account. E-mail ande-wallet number can be change only through the Administrator for the safety purpose. For this purpose contact the Administrator on any specified contacts.

  • What is partner program of the project?

    The company offers 10% referral commission on every deposit made by your direct referral

  • May I open several accounts in the project?

    YES you can have as many accounts as you wish

  • How to make the deposit?

    When you login to your account click on make a deposit Scroll down and type the amount you wish to deposit and click on spend Scroll down and Once the company wallet address appears DO NOT COPY IT Click on it and it will redirect you to your bitcoin account or wallet Send the exact amount you typed or wish to deposit And lastly confirm it in your bitcoin account and patiently wait for confirmation from your bitcoin account which doesn't take more than 30 minutes and once its confirmed, it will be automatically approved into your Lennox capital account NOTE:Once you make automatic deposit patiently wait for 1hour and if it haven’t reflected in your Lennox capital account then you contact the live support immediately for assistance and approval of the transaction

  • How long does enrollment of deposits?

    Both automatic and manual deposits doesn’t take up to 1hour to be processed and confirmed.

  • What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

    The minimum withdrawal amount is 10$.

  • Whether there is a commission for funds withdrawal in the project?


  • When new languages and EPS in the project will be available?

    In process of development of the Administration project will add some languages and EPS. The English version of the website is available at the moment.

  • When I can check my account?

    Information about your personal account is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Through what is the time after making of payment order money will be available on my payment processor e-wallet?

    Withdrawals are processed instantly, but if the withdraw meet payment processors issue, server or technical problem or some other issue, it can take up to 48 hours.

  • Can I create several deposits?

    Yes it can! But we don't allow multi plans working in same time because it will effect your instant withdraw function in our system!You can make multi deposits in same plan and it is accepted.

  • May I recover the forgotten password?

    Yes, for password recovery follow the "password recovery" link. After you will specify the data typed at registration, the recovery link will got by you to e-mail.

  • If I make the deposit from my account balance, will be accrued a referral reward to my upline for such deposit?

    No. The referral reward will be accrued only in case if the deposit has been made from payment processor directly.

  • How I can contact with Administration?

    Ask your question through the contacts form. Don't forget to study the FAQ section before making request.